Trelawn Place –

Case Study

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The brief on this job was

‘To create usable areas for both, children and entertaining”

To do this we needed to move a lot of soil while keeping all material onsite to keep costs down. More of a ‘’Cut and Fill’’.

We started by excavating the existing sloped land into three areas. Most of the fill was moved to create a level lower lawn, building it up above the creek so it would not flood in the winter. The rest of the soil was moved around the side of the house to create a long level lawn.

 We built retaining walls to hold the new areas. The Retaining walls were built using pine. Along with drainage coil and scoria, 100% Recycled Polystyrene was used behind the walls to help keep water pressure off the back of the walls. We then backfilled using the remaining soil.


A 30msq concrete patio was made above the retaining wall for a new entertaining area. It was acid etched to help match it to the existing concrete paths. This worked very well. We then sealed it using a DPS, (Deep Penetrating Seal), with a natural finish to protect the new concrete from BBQ spills.

Around the existing swing structure, we first put down a compacted metal base with 10mm 100% Recycled Rubber matting as cushioning. Artificial Turf then went on top for a no maintenance, hard wearing lawn.

Next, to the turf, we built a 30msq sand pit. Posts were erected inside the pit for the client to build a fort in the future. We always use “East Coast Sand” in our sandpits as it has the best composition for making sand castles and tunnels. (We have studied this quite a lot in our
personal time). To help keep the labour charges down, we bought this sand in using a Hiab crane and tonne bags. Large screening was put up next to the sand to create privacy and wind protection.

To get to the bottom lawn level we built a grand staircase using pine 140/40 decking timber. This created a great place for seating as well as safe access to the lawn.

The lawn needed almost 25 cubic meters of Lawn Mix to be bought in. Rather than using barrows and manpower, we blew the soil in using a Mulch Blowing Machine. This worked very well and the boys were very pleased not to have to run so many barrows in.

Lastly, we had all of the lawn Hydro seeded and we cleaned the site with a final acid wash followed by a good water blast.

What a transformation! Both the client and our team were all thoroughly pleased with the final result.

A retaining wall in botany down will help you with the management of different types of land problems like ground slopes, water drainage and runoff, and control of erosion issues. All these walls are made from natural stone, which provides a distinct border and level of description to areas to your landscape wherever you needed the most.

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