Pairoa Domain – Case Study

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‘The Playground People.’

The majority of the structure is pre-made into module form in their factory making their playgrounds very easy to install.

All we need to do it put in the posts and then we bolt on the sections of premade decking, framework and steelwork accessories.

Case Studies

Landscape Road

The Brief for this job was ‘Remove all trees, level, and build a deck with a lawn for a trampoline’ We removed all the trees and stumps leaving an area to excavate and level. While excavating we came across a large ledge of volcanic rock…

Tawhiri Road

 The brief on this job was ‘Remove the existing landscaping and start new to create a more modern area.’ We were to remove the existing rotten deck, trees and stone wall. Excavate. Then build a paved area, a lower crushed lime level and a block wall for a raised garden…

Oleander Point Tennis Club

The brief on this job was ‘Remove and re-clad the existing decking timber, then extend the deck’ The idea was to modernise the deck and make it much larger.