Mellons Bay Road Case Study

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The brief on this job was

‘Remove the existing landscaping done by the previous tradesman, making it legal and more modern.’

The previous tradesman had built walls on the boundary, over height structures and areas with large fall hazards. After removing these, giving us a reasonably blank canvas, we designed a landscape with the client.

We decided to split the job into 3 areas. Back, Side and Front.

The Back needed some good safe access as it was down a bank. We built a stepped walkway framed on one side using ‘’Bowers Allan Blocks’’. The path between the steps was made from ‘’JakMat’’ filled in with Stones. ‘’JakMat’’ is great for stability, both holding the ground together and for walking on slopes as it has good grip tread. Behind the Allan Block wall, we backfilled with a good garden mix.

For the Side, the client wanted a lawn, garden boxes for veggies, a feature Kwila Screen and Hedging. The lawn needed the retaining to be fixed so after this was done we bought in some good lawn mix, spread it and then had it Hydro seeded. The client was mowing it in under 3 weeks. We built a feature screen for privacy from Kwila. Horizontal decking timber. The planter was built off-site and placed into position in front of the screen, filled with good garden soil and planted.

The front was great fun to not only design with the client but to build and see come to life. We had a large concrete area to work with that had a single Titokie tree in a small planter. We cut a strip of concrete out along the fence to plant a hedge. We used Bay trees. Hardy wee things. At the front entrance, the planter box was deconstructed. We then built a 1.8m high, Honed block wall with dark tinted mortar and a letterbox inset. This wall was then tinted, sealed with a DPS, (deep penetrating seal), finally, a gloss seal to finish it off. Behind the block wall the Titokie tree was framed in a planter using the same ‘DNA tested’, ‘’verified legally logged’ Kwila as the feature screen at the side. To finish the area off we used a high-quality Artificial turf to hide the concrete and soften the area.’

A great result that both the Client and our team were thoroughly pleased with.

Specialising in paving botany down we have a team who will provide you with resolutions for all your needs. We have put our self with quality of craftsmanship and we have gone the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met and prospects are always exceeded.

Client Feedback

First of all, we apologize to those who are desperate to find an honest landscaper for having not shared our pleasant experience with Tim and his Sculptaview team. As clients we could easily pick the wrong guy because there are so many amateurs hanging around boasting they are the best. Also we owe Tim and his team a big “thank you” for having done a fabulous job for us.

Tim and his Sculptaview team have just completed amazing landscaping for us. Their design and workmanship are second to none. Their quote is very reasonable and possibly the most affordable when compared with the costs from the amateurs. They have finished the project and tidied up our garden just as they’d promised. The whole process is way above our expectations.

Thanks to NOCOWBOYS website, we contracted our landscaping to Tim and his team as they had received top feedback from many other customers. We decided to let Tim come rescue our garden after it had been ruined by an amateur who had no idea what he had been doing.

Tim turned up promptly for a quote as he’d promised although he was extremely busy (Tim is always very popular with clients!). He visualized the project and gave us practical advice on how to remedy the problems caused by the previous tradesman. In short, Tim uses the simplest and most economic method to achieve the best result. Our new landscaping has well demonstrated Tim’s talent. Our garden now has the most beautiful landscaping we can imagine – Tim and his team virtually turned it into a fairyland. Our neighbours come to tell us how wonderful our new landscaping looks and how impressive the Sculptaview team is.

We would like to recommend Tim and his team because they are highly knowledgeable and experienced. Tim and his team are very hardworking, efficient, courteous, honest, reliable… all these words can just keep going. I would like to share my opinion – Tim and his Sculptaview team are the best landscapers, and you will understand this better if you’ve ever dealt with the average.

– Donovan & Christine – Mellons Bay, Auckland

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