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Decking is an incredibly versatile way to utilise your outdoor space improving its functionality and appearance. There a range of options with timber decking to suit your needs, style and property: 

  • Pine – Pine is the more traditionally used material for deck building. It is a cheaper option while still looking smart. It gives you the ability to stain or oil it, changing the appearance of pine to something more exotic.
  • Hardwood (such as Kwila or Vitex) – With both of these timbers we use either the 90mm or 150mm wide lengths that have been kiln dried. The hardwood deck gives a more elegant feel to any surrounding.

We use a system called Shadow Hidden Deck Fasteners to attach the Kwila or Vitex to the framework. This is a system that allows you to build a deck faster than the traditional method, and as there are no visible screws or nails, you get a cleaner, smoother, splinter-free finish.

We care about where our timber comes from which is why with our Kwila timber, we use timber that is imported using Certisource. CertiSource “is a widely recognized timber legality verification system, offering ‘verified legal’  timber from any location in Indonesia.” “A Chain-of-Custody system is implemented in all manufacturers/sawmills in the supply chain to ensure that CertiSource timber is not mixed with unverified, possibly illegal timber at any stage.”

Simply said, this is a tracking system that assures that the timber has been sourced, removed from the forest, milled, transported and imported, legally. With the help of DNA, they can trace individual products back through the supply chain to a verified forest concession, enabling an itemized check on product legality.

Case Studies

Trelawn Place

The brief on this job was. "To create usable areas for both, children and entertaining” To do this we needed to move a lot of soil while keeping all material onsite to keep costs down. More of a ‘’Cut and Fill’’.

Mellons Bay Road

The brief on this job was. ‘Remove the existing landscaping done by the previous tradesman, making it legal and more modern.’

Sage Road

The brief on this job was an easy one. 'Remove the existing landscaping and replace with an area that was usable, yet child-safe.' We suggested a DeckFramed Oriental Trellis and Ready Lawn.