Instant Lawns

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Instant Lawns

Whether you have a new build, or you’re renovating your outdoor space, adding a healthy lawn doesn’t have to be a labour intensive process. 

We provide 2 types if lawn; Instant lawn (which is rolled out) and Hydro Seeding (applying a coating of specialised lawn seed to the area to encourage a thick and healthy lawn growth). Both applications offer everything you could want from a lawn, we are happy to discuss your needs and property type with to advise the best solution for you.

As with all plants, grass needs a little looking after until it becomes established. We can install an automatic watering system to keep the lawn watered until then, or you can take care of the watering yourself. 

Case Studies

Trelawn Place

The brief on this job was. "To create usable areas for both, children and entertaining” To do this we needed to move a lot of soil while keeping all material onsite to keep costs down. More of a ‘’Cut and Fill’’.

Mellons Bay Road

The brief on this job was. ‘Remove the existing landscaping done by the previous tradesman, making it legal and more modern.’

Sage Road

The brief on this job was an easy one. 'Remove the existing landscaping and replace with an area that was usable, yet child-safe.' We suggested a DeckFramed Oriental Trellis and Ready Lawn.