Tawhiri Road Case Study

The brief on this job was;

'Remove the existing landscaping and start new to create a more modern area.'

We were to remove the existing rotten deck, trees and stone wall. Excavate. Then build a paved area, a lower crushed lime level and a block wall for a raised garden.

We started by removing the existing rotten deck and trees giving us more of a blank canvas to start working.

As the only way into this site was through a narrow gateway in a high wall and as there was a large amount of soil to get rid of, we used a company that deals with tricks access sites. They craned a small Digger over the existing block wall. They then removed the soil from the site and stones from the wall using a Conveyor System that took the soil over the wall into a waiting truck.

We used a Galvanised Grated Trench that ran the length of the paved area against the house. This was then piped, along with the drainage pipe from behind the block wall and the sump pit for the lower level, to the drain. We then made a base for the wall and the paved area. We used 450mm / 450mm Limestone Colour Pavers that were to match the lower limed level. We then built the wall, filled it with soil for planting and then plastered it. Finally we brought in the lime for the lower level.

The final result was a modern, usable, landscaped area with crisp clean lines.