Oleander Point Tennis Club

The brief on this job was.

‘Remove and re-clad the existing decking timber, then extend the deck’

The idea was to modernise the deck and make it much larger.

As this is such a public area and with people walking their dogs we had to fence the area off so we started in the Tennis off season so as to not be in the way too much.

The existing deck was stripped of the old 90mm wide decking timber. The structure underneath was in good condition so we were able to reuse this without having to dismantle and rebuild it.

We build the structure for the extension including, steps from the carpark, steps to the courts, and a large terraced area for team photos to be taken on. We then clad the deck including all of the sides in 140/40mm Pine Smooth, Decking timber. We then finished the deck off by putting up pine Balustrades.

Under our advice, a drinking fountain and planting was going to be done by the club.